Here Comes the Bride!

One of my most enjoyable responsibilities as a "Wedding Roadie" is to meet the bride and her attendants on arrival for the ceremony. I'm then able to tell them that all is in readiness and to provide reassurance so as to help the wedding party overcome any uncertainty or nervousness. I can then oversee and co-ordinate the bride's entry - usually to her previously selected entry music. This arrangement helps to ensure that the ceremony commences in a well organised manner and will then flow on smoothly to completion. And so the tone is set for the whole occasion making it much easier for the bride, groom, wedding party and all of the guests to just relax and enjoy their very special day.

Most brides arrive by car. but the type of vehicle can vary enormously enabling a wedding couple to express their personal preference and individuality. Limousine, vintage car, Rolls Royce or other prestige car, sports machine - on one occasion bride and groom arrived together in a powerful open-top sports car with James Bond theme music accompanying their arrival. One wedding in the Otway region saw the bride delivered in her father's logging truck - but it was a long way for her to step down to the ground in her bridal finery!

Another wedding saw the wedding couple make a surprise entry by helicopter. Other ways include walking in from nearby accommodation, the bridal party travelling by coach and horses, the bride alone on horseback, the bridal party arriving by boat, or even by water taxi.

At Barwon Heads a surf boat landed the bride on the shore to be met by the groom and they walked along the beach together to where the ceremony was to take place. The male boat crew were dressed for the wedding wearing smart shirts and ties, but had stripped down to their jocks and bare feet so they could jump out into the shallows to guide the boat onto the beach!

Just to add variety, a couple of ardent "Around Victoria" cycling enthusiasts arrived at the wedding venue on their bikes. The bride-to-be quickly changed out of her bike helmet and cycling shoes to make her entry hand-in-hand with her husband-to-be! No other costume changes were necessary.

We recently had a bride arrive by mini train, whilst another chose to lead her guests to the ceremony location to the tune of the pipes!

The bride-to-be has almost unlimited choice in making the day a memorable one for all!

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Peter Cowden
'The Celebrant’s Roadie'

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